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There are other apps for you to arrange sloppy hand jobs and other poor choices while drunk. I should just give up on dating. Me: hey, so what's your favorite Bill Murray movie? Keeping my fingers crossed for this one! Despite having a boyfriend who at the time I was trying my hardest to love, I texted him to check. Communication ceased once more.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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It takes a few minutes before we get back to kissing.

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Deleted my tinder account cause I accidentally super liked someone from high school and felt so awkward. We shared so many interests and his humour was intelligent and punny. In the middle of the night we wake up and make out again and jerk each other off, then fall back asleep. It got to February of this year, and I swore on my life I had walked past him at the train station.

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  2. Do you have the restof the scenes from this movie?

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