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Double vs Single: It is not possible for a single pawn to "hit" a double. Four players each have four pawns, starting at different positions at the four crossed squares at the outermost ring. Chowka bhara normally has a 5x5 square board and four players, but one can also increase the number of squares depending on the number of players to any odd number squared for example, 11x Casting 4 or 8 gives the player an additional turn, which can continue until that player rolls a number other than 4 or 8 namely 1, 2, or 3. In case a player has got multiple turns as he may have thrown 4s and 8s , he can treat the double as one pawn and make it move to one of the values on the dice. Ashta Chamma plays a pivotal role in the Indian art house film Vanaja.

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Chowka bhara

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Categories : Traditional board games Race games Board wargames. This article has multiple issues. Assuming the size of the board is NxN with N being odd , then each player will have N-1 pawns. The tokens travel anti-clockwise in outer squares, clockwise in inner squares and finally lands up in central square home , with a throw of Ashta or Chamma.

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