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If everybody sticks to your rule, Nobody will be able to post here. Unless there was a armed commander in charge of the crowd giving orders on exactly what they should do, they could not have used their hands alone. WOW, I don't know what to say. She has no problem in asking tough questions. What has been happening to Lara Logan since Feb 11th?

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Lara Logan: Troubling New Details of Assault in Egypt Revealed

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Because in my investigation to date, I have found nothing but hearsay and speculation.

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It corroborates what she said in the 60 minutes segment and show that she was unaware of the danger because she thinks everybody was there for a celebration. With the crowd and the length of time she claimed she was held hostage, with length and amount of photos and video that would have been taken. When did Lara Logan re-emerge? With their purported track record of claiming to always telling the truth they obviously decided to keep deathly silent on the matter rather than lie by playing down the event.

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