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While he had no complaints, I decided it would nice to have the dark-ish brown colour of the skin down there look more uniformly like the rest of me. It was certainly easier than child birth or period cramps! Tracey is more confident in the bedroom and I love that. The bizarre trend was sparked after celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Charlotte Crosby and Sophie Kasaei revealed they have lightened their behinds. I love the results and am glad I did it. The Double Wave Laser removes the melanin layer present in the sensitive area, meaning the source of the darker colouring is permanently treated, without leaving any scars or burning.

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I tried anal bleaching – it made me feel like a virgin again and my boyfriend loves it

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She took boyfriend Freddie Shaw, 27, along with her and claims it's boosted her confidence in the bedroom

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With this, I merely felt a couple of pings as laser shots were set off at my bottom. Scores of celebs have spoken out about their new-and-improved bums. Join our Facebook group and you could make money by telling your story.

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