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And as with Starbucks, the reach is infinite, though some are managing to resist the lure of the west. Anorexic chic has gone way beyond inherited taste; it ensnares millions, imperils the future itself. You must be logged in to vote. Now I can see how these industries fed into insecurities, spread a punishing view of what it means to be aspirational, the idea of failure. Take the Rossetti painting Lillith, she is absolutely beautiful but today her figure is too full to be beautiful. Her mother said that watching Arabella eat was like having hot knives poked into her eyes.

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Where Have All the Girls Gone?

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These are momentous and dangerous cultural shifts, warns psychotherapist Gabrielle Rifkind: "Pressure on women as to how they should look came from different forms - from family, partners and friends.

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The exceptions above can't overturn the rules. Maria, 20, a nursery school assistant, daughter of Greek Cypriot migrants, who looks like Bridget Jones, is so sick of being on diets she is on anti-depressants instead: "How does Renee Zellweger get all that weight off and I can't? The most unachievable image of pulchritude are pressed it into female psyches so they spend and cry.

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