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And we actually got network notes on two of them saying, 'You're gonna have to cut that! He eventually arrives at his house and runs over Homer Simpson. Peter starts to create his own TV network which he calls PTV, broadcasting classic shows unedited and uncut, as well as original programming. Interviewed by Seth MacFarlane. The music was edited by Ron Jones. Many of the scenes were cut from the episodes they were originally made for owing to Fox's internal censors.

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PTV is successful, but Lois is furious about everyone's interest in perverted TV, as she is concerned over how children will be influenced by Peter's programming in the DVD release, Peter and Cleveland , in a parody of Jackass , defecate on top of Lois' car. After David Hyde Pierce 's wardrobe malfunction during the ceremony, the FCC, led by Cobra Commander , receives an insignificant volume of phone calls concerning the incident, and decides to censor any content from television that could be even slightly harmful to viewers. Interviewed by Seth MacFarlane.

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