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Naturally, she wants out -- of the Air Force, of the National Guard, of the military period. In a more provocative shot, she's glistening on an exercise machine wearing dog tags which now hang from her Toyota Tacoma's rearview mirror. Manhart says she does not plan to shut up. Her lipstick-pink Playboy bunny pendant jingles when she walks. San Antonio, a four-base city, is heavily populated with active-duty and retired service members.

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Michelle Manhart talks after losing Air Force career

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Manhart says she does not plan to shut up.

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It specifically mentions misuse of a uniform. At this early hour, so dark cars still burn headlights, Manhart sweats inside one of the city's priciest one-on-one fitness studios. Manhart had zero assurance that Playboy would ever run the photos. Manhart thinks the code should be crystal clear.

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