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Just make sure "FBDO" is on your must-see, must-own list of important movie titles to add to your important video collection If all of these were caring and supportive people and Ferris was using them this way, well, he would be the bad guy. It's really cute and fun to see them interacting with each other and having a great time with Broderick still wearing the leopard-print vest! I think everyone has a little bit of Cameron in them with his nerdiness and fear of authority. Angry that Ferris seems to get away with everything, she has to deal with the entire school taking up a collection for poor, sick Ferris while she really knows what is going on.

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The price is incredibly reasonable, the bonus material that IS offered is fun, and if you want something to enjoy until the 'ultimate' one appears, I don't think you'll do better, truthfully!

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As great as he is, Jennifer Grey is even better as his devilishly jealous sister Jeanie. The best is Jeffrey Jones as Principal Rooney. I mean, take a clue from Ferris: if you're going to cut, do it right, for heaven's sake! Ferris Bueller is a fun little movie and anyone who was a teenager in the mid 80's will remember it fondly.

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  1. Love AJ, and another great scene from her! She gets sexier every year I swear

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