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Either way, there was no situation like that morning again, so he didnt pay too much attention. The trip would include himself, David, Mia, and Lacey. As he thought about just how much she had drank two whole nalgene bottles now, which are a liter each , combined with her small adjustments and constant shifting in her seat, his imagination was getting away from him. Kyle was already soaking through his boxers with precum - Lacey was about five times more desperate than he had seen her that morning. She was already half crouched and was still holding herself, despite having lost the battle now. Her brown eyes looked absolutely desperate.

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He couldnt really help noticing most of it, but Lacey peed pretty regularly the rest of the day.

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He was afraid he might cum in his pants, as he took in the desperate expression Lacey was trying and failing to hide on her face, and considered how badly she probably wanted to at least hold herself. Lacey held back, walking slowly at a pace that Kyle suspected was all she could manage right now. Lacey kept struggling like this, with the cruel reality that she would need both hands to free the zipper. Lacey awkwardly leaned against the wall and hugged her elbows.

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