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My favorite part about this gallery however is the video where you get to see her rubbing oil all over that ass of hers! These two hotties hang out in their bikinis and then are all over each other, kissing and groping in a hot photoshoot as they explore their sexuality. Jewel Mackin October 5 Jewel Black Lingerie April 20 Yellow Sundress August 19 She looks amazing even with her clothes on, but when she lets her top down and shows us her delicious boobs, all I can say is watch out. Direct link: Jewel Doing Laundry.

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Direct link: Jewel In The Mirror.

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She posed around in her room in front of the mirror for awhile, and then she decided that she looked better naked. Private School Jewel October 20 Direct link: Yellow Sundress. I wanna see that business class ass swing around the corner and those eyes peer back knowing that I watched it the whole way.

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