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Furthermore, she has the nasty habit of becoming jealous and very violent towards other women who draw the interest of her leader, Sousuke Aizen , who she has a mad crush on. One of the most elegant and exquisitely beautiful women in Bleach, is none other than Rangiku Matsumoto. She has all the attributes of a femme fatale, given her long blonde hair, blue eyes, beauty mark and voluptuous breasts. Lisa Yadoumaru Lisa doesn't quite have the sunny disposition of many of the other Bleach girls here. But then again, that tight white suit just lets us appreciate her fine figure even more - which makes her a candidate for one of those hot Bleach girls fans can definitely drool over. Some are gentle and kind, while others are devilishly wicked. Let's get up close and personal with 24 of the sexiest anime hotties out there!

bleach sexiest character bleach sexiest character

The Hottest Bleach Babes

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The hot-headed Riruka has reddish-purple eyes and hair, a black and white dress, and thigh-high boots that give her a pretty distinctive look, while also making for a pretty simple cosplay idea!

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Sexiest Bleach Girls

Whether it be for her lustrous looks, sensual movements, or straight-forward way of communicating with others, she seems to drive you absolutely crazy! She certainly seems distant, and prefers to keep to herself, while enjoying some erotic manga during her free time. Haineko stands out from the roster of hot Bleach girls, and that's partly due to her true nature.

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