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Simona, his wife, is a young and beautiful woman, very eager to be loved, something that Felipe can not satisfy, so she falls into the arms of her husband's secretary, a fascinating girl called Mirella.. Quote: Veteran director Bob Chinn gets credit, albeit likely more for his role as creator of the Johnny Wadd character and series than any actual input to the film in question. From a ribald ride with a motorcycle stud to a bizarre encounter with her swinging parents, this sexy girl's mind takes some truly daring journeys. Labels: , Italy , Vittorio De Sisti. So, after watching them for a while, she bursts on the scene and, in order to teach them the errors of their ways, forces them to disrobe then to take a bath and make out some more while she watches again.

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Compulsion (2018)

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Cut to several years later and John has matured enough to become a policeman and has to track down Rosemary to inform her of the news of her father's death.

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Erotica Films

Chambres d'amis tres particulieres - Claude Bernard-Aubert. However, none of these flights of fancy can compare with her vision of an orgy where illusion and truth blend, leading to an unexpected purging of all her pent-up desires. But in her voluptuous dream life, she roams from one carnal conquest to the next with the erotic talents of the most experienced vixen.

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