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We compared several famous vloggers' first and last videos and found the glow-up is real. Oh, and she pretended to be a squirrel, because why the heck not? Even if you don't spend all your free time on YouTube, Lilly might look eerily familiar. In that vid, he did a blue and brown makeup look he called "serpent. Amanda's first video , filmed on a handheld phone or camera while visiting New York City, is lightyears away from the poised and supes profesh makeup tutorials she posts these days like this "go-to glam" look with rosy eyeshadow and gently filled-in brows, above right.

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It's hard to believe she's been on the platform for a decade as of this writing!

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And while a few have only been on YouTube for a couple of years, the amount of change and growth their channels and themselves have gone through is eye-opening. Way back in the late s, before all his controversies , a brace-faced Logan was still pranking people. Today, she talks about fashion, beauty, pop culture, and her own amazing life to her whopping 11 million subscribers. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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