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On the opposite side of the coin, there is a low bandwidth mobile option, so perhaps they'll add something similar for downloads in the future. As nice as that was, I was more interested in the getting down to business: watching hot chicks licking each other's stink holes. There's just under girls to choose from, and perhaps more impressive than their numbers is their diversity. Still, I'd have expected to see, at minimum, the addition of p by now. I mean, at the very least, couldn't they add some timestamps to their videos?

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Also, I think it's worth noting that when I first gained access to the site just a few short days ago, there was two less videos in the archive.

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Another big plus is that even the earliest updates at Lesbian Ass Worship. On a less positive note, there's really not much to speak of here in terms of still photography. It's a real shame, too, because what's there looks good and is available in a nicely sized 2, x 3, pixel resolution. In fact, one only need glance at their tour page to see they're deadly serious.

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  1. Girls are hot... exteremly hot.. but the accent is a bit annoying

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