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Nielson-Jones v Fedden [] Ch Claimants could sue for a public or private nuisance from neighbours, but the case based definition of what counted as a nuisance was usually unfavourable to ordinary people. Before , time was seen to cure everything. For example, in Hurst v Picture Theatres Ltd , [] Mr Hurst was removed from a High Street Kensington theatre by a manager who honestly believed that he had not paid for his ticket. The most contentious method of acquiring property, albeit one that has played a huge role in the history of English land, is adverse possession. Law of Property Act ss 1 2 62 and 65 1.

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Third, the law may find easements by a process of construction, in general, if they are necessary for property's reasonable enjoyment.

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English land law

Squatting in England has been a way for land to be efficiently used , particularly in periods of economic decline. Protection from Eviction Act Yet many easements and covenants remain.

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