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Earlier that same day Courtland was in another courtroom in the same court house facing felony charges for taking property by false pretense. But Chelsea was struggling with a prescription pill problem, according to Star magazine. Oh, and his resume includes a petty theft charges as well. Sorry, Gary but we have to mention cops needed TWO sets of handcuffs because of your girth. She said the reenactment made her look cold-hearted and that at one point she wanted to rip up her contract. Not a good sign, especially considering she admitted she previously had been addicted to heroin.

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Betrayal! Nude Photos! Arrests & More: Teen Moms’ 20 Most Shocking Scandals

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Jo was arrested, along with his brother, on Feb.

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That was the end of their engagement. Appearing in a North Carolina court on the morning of December 4 Jenelle and Courtland tied the knot in front of the magistrate with only two court witnesses. Do you want to see reactions of other Radaronline users?

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  1. Someone doesn't seem to understand the difference between a brother and a dad...