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Likewise people who hold those beliefs about FPSs or GTA, most often dismiss those games out of hand, based on second-hand information, or superficial impressions no, not saying that you should buy that bundle :P. And my remark about anime in general was an encouragement to not throw away the baby with the water. Gainax used to make stuff I liked, but may not be your cup. Baines UTC 2. Disliking and criticizing the game is fine, antagonizing the person is useless, and most likely will have negative consequences. Would be very different if we were talking about depicting abusive relationships, in a complacent way, in a game that has aspirations to be something more.

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So far, it appears there are at least 4, Humble customers with no taste whatsoever who have purchased it.

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Steamworld Dig has been widely praised but to me it looked like plain, funless grind. Sort of like Leisure Suit Larry 1 but without the satire. Softcore porn adventure games, where presumably the goal is to have sex with the babes.

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