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The character of Flame Princess was largely designed by Sugar, based on a rough drawing by storyboard revisionist and character designer Natasha Allegri. Dean Childers of TV Geek Army gave the episode a largely positive review, noting that it was "particularly well done. Archived from the original on August 2, As such, the fact that Finn chooses to save Flame Princess over the lock bubblegum's hair was used as a metaphor by the writers to show that Finn was getting over his fixation with Bubblegum. Categories : American television episodes Adventure Time season 3 episodes.

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Finn's relationships

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The episode guest stars Keith David , and also features Jessica DiCicco , who would go on to play the recurring role of Flame Princess.

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Flame Princess

The episode's plot would be continued in the season four premiere " Hot to the Touch ". The impetus for this episode was the writers and producers not wanting to keep writing episodes in which Finn is continuously rejected by Princess Bubblegum. Views Read Edit View history. List of Adventure Time episodes.

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