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New Zealand Naturist Federation. Some naturist villages, notably Cap d'Agde, have in the 21st century seen infiltration by swingers and " libertines " who have shifted the norm away from these rules of conduct; naturists resent and resist these changes as an "invasion". Larger resorts may provide golf or miniature golf courses. Douglas Ogden, a Manchester-based businessman with an interest in sporting activities. Illustration Plate following p. A proposal to add a female branch to the organization was never realized, and it went out of existence when Crawford was transferred to Ratnagiri shortly thereafter. University of Chicago Press.

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Naturist resort

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Illustration Plate following p.

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Archived from the original on 30 August Naturist communities were once referred to as nudist colonies , and this term still exists in popular culture, but it is avoided by most naturists today due to negative connotations. However, the two sports most strongly associated with naturist resorts are volleyball and miniten. Retrieved 1 September

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