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As my beautiful bound companion began to thrust her pelvis against mine, I felt the first stirrings of an erection strain against my spandex attire. Ann-Marie sighed and smiled. Ann-Marie seemed to get the gist. Quickly encircling this around the post at my back, she looped the ends through the stringent ropes of my wrist bonds, before bringing the ends back around to their starting point. She was within a few inches of my face now, and the sense of mischievous intrigue in her eyes sent a shiver of pleasure through me. But suddenly, she seemed to see the funny side and giggled into her gag.

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All would become clear within a few minutes, however.

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Smoothing this down, she returned to her previous task of ensuring that we were packed tightly together. And a second or two later, the evening got even better, as this gorgeous creature took a step towards me and opened her mouth. But under no circumstances are you to untie him.

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