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When the effects wear off, the girl will not remember what happened and she eventually got over her hatred of men. In the world of fiction, anything is possible albeit through drugging, casting a spell, or control via device or phone app. Yeah, Immoral is pretty much the same guy hypnotizing girls into sex slaves, but there is one brief subplot involving a girl discovering the effects of the spray and used it on her sister. As soon as Sumire has lost sanity, we then found out it was her teacher Kurahashi who asked Araki to hypnotize her and groomed her to be a sex slave. With his newfound power, Wataru hypnotizes everyone in school and created a small community of sex slaves. At this stage, the doctor implants suggestions like in order to like men, she needs to have sex with them.

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And of course, he turned every girl into his personal sex slaves.

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Now then, would you kindly leave a comment down below and tell us what you think of our list of hypnosis anime, and perhaps tell us if you watch this sort of hentai. At the rooftop, during lunch break, our hero Morishita Wataru is having lunch together with his busty teacher. Now, what on Earth will a man living together with three women do with a penlight that hypnotizes people? Shirakawa Sumire is a middle school girl commuting via train with nothing special happening until that is, she was molested by a couple of gropers.

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