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Frank Drebin Priscilla Presley Stars: Steve Guttenberg, G. Frank then takes the glass to his lips and winds up fainting in the process. When Hector Savage says "I want a car out front! A rogue star pilot and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs.

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The sequels of course were intended to cash in on the surprise success of the original which was based on the ZAZ trio's failed TV show, "Police Squad," hence the subtitle on the film.

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However, the doctor's assistant is Frank's old flame played by Priscilla Presley. Right after that, Jane then says "I'm making a Protein Shake". At the beginning at the presidential dinner before the lobster scene, there are 2 scenes added. When Frank gets the tank moving he drives directly up to Savage's front door.

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