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Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand. I think especially when I walked out there and heard the amount of people screaming, and even looking into the stands and seeing posters and signs and people with 'Nastia' printed out on their shirts. And I know that this is kind of my last shot, being almost It's an honor to be competing at the Olympic Trials, and whatever the outcome is, I'm very excited and honored to be here. To know the amount of fans that I have, and no matter how I do on the equipment, to know that they still love and support me for who I am and not just because of my performances, means a lot to me. Had one of the favorites fallen off the bars and earned a

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US Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team: Say Goodbye to Nastia Liukin on Sunday

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I definitely feel I enjoyed it a lot more than I maybe did in the past and maybe took things for granted a little bit more the last cycle of the Olympic Games.

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The Ass-ential Nastia Liukin

She's drinking in every moment, noticing things that eluded her when she was working towards the gold medal. I really don't remember seeing it. This is definitely the last push and whether or not it happens, the main goal for me was to come back and prove to myself that I could do it.

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