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You breathed deeply, inhaling this feeling and basking in all of its glory. The sweet whispers, the kisses, every touch, every connection. You squeal when Mark suddenly moves his arms and pulls you in close, pressing his nose against the side of your neck and leaving butterfly kisses all along it. His room suddenly felt different to you. You kissed him again and then looked him in the eye, hoping that your feelings showed as much as his did. He worships your body, reveling in every soft touch of your skin, the scratch of your nails on his back, every soft moan. You rubbed your eyes and let the memories flash through the grogginess in your brain.

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You shiver and felt that familiar feeling of desire burning inside you.

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Sensing your nervousness, Mark hooks a finger under your chin and makes you look up at him. The rest of the morning rolls by with some light chatter between you two, the easy conversations picking back up like you two were never apart. You thought I would just forgive you for breaking my heart and my trust in our friendship?

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