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Ann glanced at the two of them then looked at me with a raised eyebrow, reluctantly I took the hint and took her into the centre of the room where she moved tight to me even as I put my arms around her waist. I suppose after 15 years of marriage you could say we were in a sort of sexual rut, a happy rut, but a rut nevertheless. She looked at me and grinned wryly, I grinned back and led her out into the room to join the other couples who were now dancing close together. Once again I watched as another man kissed my wife firmly, as the moments passed and the kiss went on my cock grew harder. With her hair loose around her shoulders and light make-up she looked young and oh so desirable. A short while later Janice and her partner drifted under one of the many sprigs of mistletoe Ken had stuck up on the ceiling, there were so many sprigs on the ceiling above the centre of the room that it was almost impossible to miss them. The drinks added to the feeling of frustration we both felt from having our plans dashed, but after a while we sort of gave a mental shrug and started kissing and doing a little light petting in the dimness of our private little corner.

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Just a Christmas Party

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My cock went hard once again as I watched this guy kissing my wife while squeezing her buttocks, he drew the kiss out for quite some time then parted their lips just as the song that was playing ended.

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Looking up I saw a sprig of mistletoe, looking down I gave her a little smile then had to catch my balance as Ann threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. The next couple of hours were boring, it was clear to us that the rest of the partygoers were good friends and their lively chatter competed with the noise of the fast music. Ann stood with her arm around my waist as I looked back towards Janice and wondered where the other women had gone.

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