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Note that the nonlinearity due to the interactions among different components systematic errors are calibrated and the signal drift related to the piezoeletric sensors are corrected, both ensuring the accuracy of the measurements. The fluidic flap effect deviates the windward shear layer towards the leeward side and reduces the wake bluffness, but the lateral asymmetry of the near wake is still observed. Drag reduction mechanisms of a car model at moderate yaw by bi-frequency forcing. A modulation of the high-frequency forcing with a low-frequency component is then introduced in order to modify the mass and momentum exchange in the separating shear layer at the windward trailing edge. The drag reduction mechanisms related to the windward forcing are sketched in Fig. The numerical scheme in the PANS simulations thus plays a critical role in determining the initial flow topology in the near wake of the GTS. Forcing is performed with pulsed jets along the windward trailing edge.

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The thesis aims to develop effective active flow control strategies for aerodynamic drag reduction of road vehicles.

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These results open up opportunities for closed-loop control of wake asymmetries. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Recent numerical investigations for the GTS model using large eddy simulations LES showed an anti-symmetric flow topology flow state II in the vertical midplane compared to that observed in previous experimental studies flow state I. The actuation is performed with pulsed jets at trailing edges and the flow is monitored with 16 pressure sensors distribute

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