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Bad Luck Kitty That You Can Not See This" the tape continues methodically as the hands trail down to her bound wrists, tracing each ropey point and teasing the tip of the tail before sliding up the other arm once more "I Bet It Is Unbearable. Mistress Skunk is c my mistress. She tries to let out a meow but it's stopped in her throat by the gag, her ears twitch and listen for anything as the vibrator is moved away "hmmmu? Such A Wonderful Little Package. The silence was almost as bad as the voice and the contact, in the silence there was no way of telling where the person was or what was coming next.

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She makes small sounds as she tries to find what was missing before grinning and holding up a 3cm wide 35cm long, knoby, hot pink vibrator.

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Mistress Skunk was definately enjoying this wonderful tease she had going here, it took all of her control not to lean down to those searching ears and whisper something herself. If You Are A Good Cat" the tape plays, then is silent for a lil bit as the hand stops, leaving her 'alone' in the chair for almost a full minute. She tugs on each of the restraints again, not wanting to strain herself though, incase she should get a chance to escape later, she didn't want to be too worn out to take it. I really hope my mistress will like this when it's done.

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