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Hornblende-biotite- and biotite granodiorite are metaluminous and form the outer margin of the intrusion along the northern and southern walls, and sill-like bodies in an older suite of granitoids and Proterozoic basement rocks. It is suggested by Dada et al. Application of Biotite Composition in De termination o f Petr ogenesis o f. The rocks are all muscovite-biotite-alb ite-granites but they all also bear quartz, microperthitic microcline, apatite, zircon, ilmenite, and futile. Bi otite composit ions depend. Photomicrographs of selected slides are shown in.

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Also, various origins have been proposed for the rocks of this complex from metasomatic origin Oyawoye, to igneous origin Dada et al.

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Nov Chem Geol Isot Geosci. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Olusegun A. Structural relief resulting from middle Tertiary extensional deformation in the Chemehuevi Mountains exposes a unique cross section through a temporally and compositionally zoned both vertically and horizontally , laccolith-shaped intrusion of Late Cretaceous age.

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