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He releases Eternatus , which he had been energizing with the Wishing Stars collected by Bede, to enact a second Darkest Day in order to provide Galar with a near-infinite supply of energy. Jump to: navigation , search. He then apologizes for delaying them, but after Leon departs, Rose begins to enact his scheme. However, Eternatus proves to be impossible to control, and Rose is forced to interrupt the Championship Match between the player and Leon to enlist Leon's help to defeat and catch Eternatus. After the player defeats Nessa at Hulbury Stadium , they go with Sonia to meet Rose for dinner at the Captain's Table, a local seafood restaurant.

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Princess Trainer Gold Walkthrough - Akabur

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Chairman Rose

After his defeat, Rose applauds the player and invites them and Hop to join Leon at the Tower Summit, confident in Leon's chances of capturing Eternatus. Rose was then about to leave when he was approached by John , a fan of Leon's who wanted him to give Leon a letter. He then greets the player and invites them into the stadium to give a short lecture about Galar's energy production, as well as his goal to harness the power in Wishing Stars.

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