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It assails his nostrils, driving him to frenzied kissing activity so close to her womanhood. He is vainly trying to conceal his arousal when she comes over to cuddle up next to him. The only problem with the Rhodehouse, is that it is really noisy, which makes it hard to talk. His hard cock throbs against her ass cheeks and suddenly he thinks that maybe he can just stroke his cock between her thighs and use her as a masturbatory toy to give some relief to his aching member. This time however, he grabs her ankles and lifts her legs high in the air while he and spreads them wide.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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She decides to change out of her dress clothes first.

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Weird Confessions

Story requested by a follower. Chapter 2 - Helen and Giovanni continue their hot affair and someone else joins them. Although he is hesitant to put his hands on her, his resistance is quickly breaking down from the sight of her obvious arousal. The next time his arousal comes up rather quickly, surprising him when he feels the point of no return slam into him.

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