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Once the licking was over and Eric's body wsa completly smooth and net, the three slaves stood at attention near Eric, and the Main or the Big slave came and as he introduced Eric to 3 master, shouted : The shaving is complete Sir. Hearing this , Eric droped directly on his knees, but then was surprised to see the Slave -his guide- also on his knees,and Slash, Slash the slave's back was hit by a whip 7 whips to be more precise. Just when the last drop fell , after 7 or more jets, Big Salve knelt on the floor and licked cleaned all his cum. Next to every butt is a toys, or a note, suck as, fuck here, insert this in here You'll be here for the next couple of hours. He does not hesitate to shave twice a week all his body specially his balls and ass.

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Once they where inside, there was a huge space , all the slaves that could move, stood at attention, the other could not move at all.

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Then the 3 masters stood and moved into the door Eric was following on the ground. And as one progress in the world of slavery the tails get smaller until disapering for the masters. Some of the slave where eating, directly form a bowl either in the cage or outside.

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