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Although he is not a model student and had to repeat a grade, Takashi shows his resolve to protect his friends and is appointed the leader of the group by his peers. She struggles with this part of her character and even considers giving up to "them", until Takashi helps restore her confidence. In the manga, when Koichi's mother dies, he becomes a teacher at Tokonosu where his father is a director, but his father reveals he has an illegitimate son, and forces him to work in the shady family business. He recovers consciousness in time to see the undead horde that advances through the gap in the barrier. He is based on Kouta Hirano , creator of the Hellsing manga. The exceptions to this are Kohta, whom she has a strange friendship with, and Takashi, who is her childhood friend. Categories : Lists of anime and manga characters.

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She is the daughter of an influential Uyoku dantai right-wing politician.

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He finds this behavior acceptable during the group's "free time". At the beginning of the story, Marikawa is nearly killed by a student-turned-zombie but is saved by Saeko Busujima. Saeko initially uses her bokken to fight, but upgrades to a katana when they stop at a shinto temple and then again at the Takagi estate. He is based on Kouta Hirano , creator of the Hellsing manga.

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