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But that was before you came across an attraction you had never seen before Also if you do want to use an animal which I han't listed or start your own place follow my options first. This story features digestion and multiple types of vore. The following story will have just about all aspects of vore in it with a hint of violence in it as well. If you are interested in contributing, please contact "Battalia" on Eka's forums first. Soft-vore and non-fatality has no place here. The people blessed of the goddess, the Hylians, were transformed into more monstrous forms, while true monsters were infected with a powerful hunger.

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I ask that no scat, watersports or diaper stuff be added to this.

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Also for story purposes there exists a potion dubbed "The regurtitator" that will free you from any vessel a prey may find himself unwillingly trapped in. But can she, when there are so many hungry predators? Every Monster Girl has there own way of eating their prey No Herms so do whatever suits the situation. Even after the protagonist dies, show what happens to the body.

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