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Massage therapists help people with paraspinal muscle pain by using long gliding strokes along the length of the muscles. Sensory fibers from the dorsal rami supply the skin along the spine, as well as deep connective tissues of the vertebrae such as the posterior longitudinal ligament. The motor fibers innervate the paraspinal muscles such as the three divisions of the erector spinae group, as well as the smaller intrinsic muscles like the multifidus. Whitney is one of the leading voices in the profession. Exploring Upper Limb Neurodynamics. The medial cluneal nerve is derived from the dorsal branches of S1-S3. He inspires you to take greater pride in your profession and want to learn more.

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The LFCN is a very small nerve and often the region of compression is simply a small area where the nerve perforates through another tissue, where it becomes constricted.

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It is likely that sensory fibers of the dorsal rami may be aggravated in many of these complaints. It takes a very sharp bend just as it passes the inguinal ligament, which is one of the locations where it is frequently entrapped Image 6. It is common for manual therapy practitioners to engage direct treatment of these tissues in an effort to address the pain problem. The LFCN supplies sensation to the skin on the lateral thigh and hip region.

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