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Learn more about kisses from: Couples Kissing. These dirty kisses are purely about the chemistry between the man and the woman. They've obviously been working or playing hard and they are touching with absolute abandon, celebrating their contact with each other. Capture this feeling and remember it - the kiss says it doesn't matter whether you are dripping in mud or jewels, it's all about being together. Lover's Lips This kiss begins with swallowing your partner's gentle sign as you begin to tease his lips.

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8 Hot Photos of Passionate Ways to Kiss

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This kiss is a particularly intimate and sweet moment, most likely mugged for the camera, but still lost in each other with the intimacy confined to where their mouths touch.

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Passionate Kisses Pictures, Images and Stock Photos

This kiss is the nipping, feeding kiss. This isn't necessarily about seduction, but celebrating a new day together, a new day of discovery and a new day for passion. Wedding kisses are often the most passionate for a couple who have survived their walk down the aisle.

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