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Please mark her, I'll explain everything to her and meet you at the normal time and place. Ami, Kasumi and Fuki, the Inuzuka girl, another 6th year from the other class, and a 5th year. She couldn't deny it anymore, they were right about her With a soft sigh Suzume untied her kimono top, removed it and dropped it on her desk, ignoring the gasps and whispers. She still couldn't believe it, Hinata had joined her about 20 minutes ago, shortly after she got in, taken her by surprise, then took her virginity and fucked her into submission while she talked to her as if nothing else was happening

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She pulled her top and bra off in a single move, revealing her firm, round F cup tits and large nipples.

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They nodded, the shorter girl stepped forward first. She gave everyone a look then stepped back. Plus, when she did this in the next loop, a concept she was still trying to get a solid grip on, she could make a plan for the whole day and learn about everyone, their bodies, sexual fetishes and weaknesses.

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