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The iron bar that fettered her ankles and wrists forced her to crouch on the frigid dungeon floor and the cold stone seemed to draw the heat from her naked body. Most extremely adult pornblog. He ignored the somewhat astonished looks of the two torturers who immediately noticed the change in his voice. It is you that is an instrument of the devil! Isabella could only hope that her soldiers would find traces of the cowardly kidnapping and follow them to this place, wherever it was. She could do nothing but hang helplessly from her wrists while new ropes were tied tightly around her delicate ankles. His feelings might even have been called jealousy.

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This would probably change with the next torture session.

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Two, three times or even more he filled her with his semen. Now she lay face down against the ladder, wrists and ankles crossed and the rough wood scraping at her wounds. Were it not for the shallow breathing one might have thought her dead.

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