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Bardock by the end, full of anger, would have come close or equal to King Vegeta by now. The two bowed down to an orange ball on top of a cushion "Papa Gohan well be leaving for a bit. True, when they took baths in the rivers or lakes she had her underwear on, but he should have at least noticed some differences. She wasn't looking forward to that talk with her son, but someday he'll find a mate or what earthlings call a "wife" and he'll need to know what to expect. One Fairytale Coming True This can go faster than I can run! It felt like she was saying goodbye to her old life and in a way she was.

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She then gazed at the ball in Gine's hand having the other two follow her gaze and surprisingly it was glowing "When they're together they shine brightly," she told them about finding the five star dragon ball only ten days ago after Goku revealed his grandpa's ball had four stars.

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She placed the ball back and Gine was quick to snatch it up and keep it close to her "Fine, I guess I'll just explain it to you guys…" she reached inside her pouch taking out two similar balls "Look! Turtle Hermit's training Sessions Her dress sleeves had the power pole right through and stuck her on the side of the cliff. So I'll be using both the manga and the anime to guide me through the order.

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